Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ten Years

Ten Years of Quilting.
Since it's like an anniversary I have decided to show part of what I have been doing in the ten years since I retired. That's not including the scarves, pillows, soft toys, aprons and silkscreen pictures I also created. 
Only the quilts.
Some have gone to better homes, some I still own. And just so everybody knows, even if I have learnt a lot about the art of quilting, having fun has been number one reason for making quilts. 

For about a year I just made quilts learning from books I had bought. 
However, when a friend recommended Birmingham Quilters Guild I began learning a whole new set of skills. The guild is still the place I go to learn.
I was an amateur then, and I am still an amateur; the word has it's roots in love. I am proud of the designs of those first quilts, they were simple, but they were my own designs.

One of the first baby quilts, I designed.

The sun is on a white background. First light.

Here with a blue background.This became my SUNSTITCH logo.
I don't remember the baby who received this;
 he or she will be around ten now.
I tried the same design in red.

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