Friday, March 8, 2013

Copying an Old Quilt

Here is the quilt I spent two weeks in January making

                                                   Lena quilted it on her long arm machine.
                                                            We chose yellow flowers.

       I tried to make it authentic,
       like the old quilt I copied.
                                                      So I chose different tones of yellow
                                                       and reds. Making it was great fun.
                                            Down to the charming corners,
                                             which I chose to perfect

                                                         12 squares in all on the new,
                                                      the old one has 30. Makes a difference.

                                       Compare the two - well mine lacked the borders at that point

                                                              The old quilt
                                                           Five across, six on the long side.

                                                          Who dares these color combinations ,
                                                    well, whoever made this  quilt, was that daring.
                                                      I would love to know who made it.
                                           Old shirt fabric. I'm looking for that particular blue.
                                          Then I would  make another copy with all 30 squares.
 And here is one of the old quilt's corners