Saturday, October 29, 2011

Global Economy at the Fabric Store

 Hancock Fabrics is the last place one expects to discuss world economics. Right?
 However, last week I found myself,  if not  discussing, at least making a chirp about
just that.
 And elderly lady-  she said she were a quilter - was asking one of the assistants about the best thread
for quilting. But she mumbled something about it had to be American made.
 When the assistant pointed to Gutermann ( I don't have the patience to find the program that
 lets me put the two 'umlaut'  dots on the 'u' ) and said it was the best, she picked it up and said
 "Made in  Greece"
 That was news to me, all this time I thought it was German.
 Anyway, again silly me, I plunged into a conversation I had not been invited to join- some may say
 that's typical - and I told her that Greece right now needed all the help it could get, even if it was just a few spools of thread, and that the Buy American is out of date in this global economy. She had already walked off with her American spool before the last bit.
 Since then I have tried to figure out how much of the three aprons I just finished is American, Greek, and Chinese.
Ah yes, the Europeans, in order to help out Greece had to phone China for a possible loan.
Rather than go to the trouble of analyzing my aprons, I'm happy to announce that my aprons are totally global.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guess What They Are?
These are the fruits from my "Juglans Californica" tree, and since I didn't get any last year, I can't wait to get my fingers dirty- literally, if I'm not careful - this year. I'll find recipes in my books on natural dyes, but you can google 'dyeing with black walnuts' and many dyers willingly give their recipes for browns, grays and blacks. October ought to be called Natural Dyes Months. Goldenrod are everywhere begging to have their heads chopped off and supplying us with wonderful yellows and greens. Sharon Bull told me about a website of an artist using the black walnuts for her 'mouthwatering' fabric art.Check out whispering/

Black Walnuts

Friday, October 7, 2011


When the handles on my box for my computer broke, and I still had many 'one to one' hours left, I made myself an Apple bag for hauling it up to the store. 
Those lessons have been invaluable and my bag has lasted already a long time. 
The blue canvas was leftover from a project long time ago and it matched the T-shirts of all the Apple employees.
This photo is MY tribute to a man with exquisite style.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Name of my Blog

Last year was the first time I tried to sell some of my fabric creations. I needed a name.
I chose SUNSTITCH. The evolution of this name is explained on my webpage:
I also write a different blog: "brev fra Alabama" It's is very exclusive, in that it can only be read by the approx. 5 millions, who understand Danish. But writing it forces me to use my native language.
Having written every two weeks for more than a year, I think I have disciplined myself enough to try yet another blog; this time to tell about my love affair with fabrics.
Let me explain my fabric shelf. I'm big on recycling, so when I saw this shelf at the back of my school building, I asked if I could take it.
ROTC had to have bigger shelves - maybe for bigger boots - and yes it was mine for the taking.
Luckily we have a friend, who could bring it home in his pick-up truck.
It then sat in the garage for ten years unused - until I retired.
That's six years ago and I had the grand idea that I was a quilter.
After five years with the BQG, I'm not so sure. More about this on later posts.
But fabrics. Oh, I love fabrics, and can't wait the share some of my prize finds with you'll.
I'm new to Blogspot, and I'm still trying to figure out all it's intricacies. So bear with me.
I'll see if I can post every week? I't wont hurt, if I get some feedback, so please e-mail me.
Any comment will be cherished.

new blog format

Today D.J has helped me troubleshoot blogspot.