Friday, October 16, 2015

Baby Quilts

Baby Quilts - all delivered.
For the first baby quilts I made I used pre-quilted backing or I used ties of ribbon or thread. Sometimes both. When I joined the guild we donated quilts to Children's Hospital. We were told they also liked fleece blankets. I made one of flannel, and handed it in to those in charge of Cuddle Quilts. They were not amused.

My first Cuddle Quilt.
Maybe not the best for a sick child in hospital.
Didn't know better than to add  pre-quilted backing.
My brother kept having grandchildren.
Nobody had told me about binding- yet.
Used ribbons as ties, no quilting.
Another grandchild, this time a boy. Off across the Atlantic.

This was a turned quilt. Could only be done if you tie the quilt. as far as I knew. The quilting was already done.  I wasn't  a real quilter yet.
Tied quilt for yet another grand niece in Denmark

For Sarika's nephew, the first. 

A little more quilting done on this one. And my first binding.

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