Friday, January 23, 2015

I have been traveling all over the world, which means, of course, there has no time for stamping, printing, dyeing etc. But how inspiring to see  what women in other countries are creating.
  Last year in February we visited Central America

So here  my are "color bytes" from Guatemala.
Tourists like quilts, so the locals accomodate them.

But it's the huipils, the women's blouses that are the most fascinating

Here framed and used as a wonderful wall decoration.

Look at this woman's embroidered roses combined with woven borders.

They do not use vegetable dyes; and how else would they get the vibrant colors  mimic the flowers in the flower market

These woven pieces are museum pieces, each representing a separate region of the country

We visited a weaving museum outside Antigua, where three generations of one family are training young women the intricate patterns of weaving, so they won't be forgotten.

Flower market with vibrant colors

Women standing in line to be paid for their work

Why are mannequins never the size of the customers?

Old woven pieces from different regions of the country

The birds are woven, not embroidered.Amazing work