Thursday, August 23, 2012

Marimekko Fabrics

Two months since last post.
What's been going on?

Well, vacation trips, yard work, swimming every day etc.

But I've got something of my own to show this time:

Two quilts and a softie.

The Birmingham Quilter's Society had a challenge, where we were supposed to show a nine patch as part of the quilt design and also supposedly be inspired by mirror images, since the theme was Alice Through the Looking Glass, ( Looking glass was how a mirror was described - back in the time.....)

Well, I stuck to the theme somewhat, had my nine-patch and did a mirror image of the back of a  Bassetts Allsorts liquorice bag.  I wonder if it shows in the photo of the front of the quilt, but it took me hours to do that, and then suddenly Quilting Arts arrived in the mail and a contributor wrote about dissolving thread. Next time when I need to quilt back to front I'll definitely try that.

Or I'll buy a backing with lines and go ahead again and quilt from the back, as I did on the Marimekko quilt  to show sun rays and waves This is my first whole cloth quilt and there is a story.
 Last year when visiting Berkley my husband had seen there was a Crate and Barrel outlet. Off we went on the bus to find it, and they had tons of Marimekko fabrics on sale. I really went crazy and we ended up taking a taxi back, because of my heavy bags of fabric.

 But there the fabric stayed until about a month ago, when I found that the baby shower for my first grandchild was fast approaching. No time for patchwork or piecing, so she gets my first whole cloth quilt. The three family dogs were appliqued and she is looking out to sea at our favorite beach, Neptune Beach Fl. looking at a ship coming from St. John's river. I don't know if the fabric was supposed to be dyed in two colors, or if it was a mistake from the factory, but the quilt is just one entire piece of cloth.

And then of course Charlie the Elephant.
A soft toy all the way from England, pattern obtained for free from Bustle and Sew.

 Our guild is addicted to hexies since two members are getting a book out soon, devoted entirely to  hexies. ( See  Julia's blog The Hexie Blog)

 The color of the elephant? To match the stroller. We already know it's a girl.