Saturday, October 17, 2015


When I see my three year old granddaughter do a task over and over, I tell myself that here is a lesson.
Like when every other year I enter the challenge competition at our guild for designing a quilt with a specific theme, and never win. But as a three year old, I continue designing quilts, because it's a lot of fun.
I'm mentioning this, because the challenge quilt I made in 2011 evolved into the quilt just shown, the grey, white, and black geometric. Below both the colored and the black and white image of my Allsorts Liquorice candy quilt.
The challenge was to incorporate a nine-patch block into a  quilt.
 Can you find it?
Just playing with my photo program the candy quilt was suddenly a nice pattern for a completely different quilt. I added to it and it became a bed quilt.

To make the back of my candy quilt I wanted the real image from a bag of the candy. But since I can't find it in this country,
I ordered some bags from Europe. In the end I had to use this picture of a bag, since there was a port strike which included  my liquorice from the UK.
Maybe this was going to extreme, but it just happens to be the way I work.
 Another year the challenge was to describe what makes you happy, and also include a 'flying geese' pattern. I decided to use the colors that make me happy, which are red and blue. I made a real pillow with the 'flying geese' pattern, and then wanted to place it in a chair.
A close up of my pillow.

Made a mistake there, cutting off the tips of the triangles. Never mind.

It was a real pillow  case, not fake, very realistic looking.
Then I had to find a chair.
I photographed many different chairs in my home.

Bingo! This was the one, definitely. And with my aunt's cross-stitched pillow - perfect.

A quick photo-shop conversion, and I had my happy red and blue colors.
So this became my quilt, and I added a nice old saying:
"When Happiness calls offer her a Chair."

I think the challenge in 2007 was to make a circle quilt and include the black and white piece of fabric given to us.

All colors of the rainbow.

I used pearl buttons and light blue thread for the pins; they looked very realistic; I saw people touch them to see if they were real. Not very much quilting in this one, but I am happy that my daughter-in-law liked it well enough to put it up with all their other art pieces in their home.

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  1. Your red chair quilt has always been one of my favorites!!!