Monday, April 16, 2012

Container Patchwork

                                      Maersk Headquarters "The Building with the Blue Eyes"

                                         Patchwork quilt - First stage?

                              Panama Canal, Panama City behind- the "real" Panama City


                                         In case you missed the containers!  Here in Costa Rica.

                Maersk is the shipping line that uses the Panama canal the most we were told.

 I believe all quilters do it.
That is, take photos that would make great patchwork quilts.

  Here is one from the port of Oakland, California, a load of containers.
 Why this photo?
 Well the richest man in Denmark, Mærsk McKinney Møller died today at the age of 98.
 If I can mention Steve Jobs I can write a line or two about this famous Dane.
 We see his containers and ships all over the world.
 Below a couple from Panama City, Panama and Costa Rica, and I thought I would
 include the Maersk headquarter in Copenhagen, known to the locals as
 the building with the blue eyes.