Friday, October 16, 2015

For Girls of all Ages continued

For Girls - continued.

And what about the quilt I made for Sophia, my first grandchild. It was what we call a whole cloth quilt, made from one piece of Marimekko fabric bought in Crate and Barrel's store, Berkley, California. But the view on the quilt, across the sea, is from our beach in Florida, Neptune Beach. I hope to take Sophia swimming there one day. But probably leave the three dogs at home. 
At the time of her birth the guild experienced Hexie fever, since two of our members  Peggy Rhodes and Julia Wood published a book about making hexies and quilts from them. 
I made one hexie quilt for yet another grandchild of my brother's, but Sophia got a hexie elephant to go with her fuschia stroller.

And then my last niece turned 40. Two other nieces had already received quilts at this mile stone, so I made one with geometrics, and asked my friend Kathy Joiner to do the quilting
Sophia stands to the right with her three dogs, El Cid, Lilly and Ruby. Cid died and she now has Patrick, who is same size. 

I had fun making this elephant.

The underbelly of the elephant

Grandmother's Garden, year 2013

This went to  the newborn Selma in Aarhus, Denmark.

For Marie Louise, when she turned 40.

I had on purpose chosen a black backing, and was pleased that my quilter could recreate the pattern on the back.

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