Friday, October 16, 2015

More quilts for girls.

Quilts for girls of all ages.

Of all quilts I have made, there are some I would like to recreate. One is the quilt I made for Aurora, when she turned one. I have bought  fabric for making the second one several times, but end up using it on other more "pressing quilts". I'll make day. Her mother Shannon was from New Orleans, and when we went to hers and Steve's wedding there, we saw all the devastation caused by Katrina. I called Aurora's quilt "Blue Tarp Roofs."  
Another city memorized in a baby quilt was Chicago. I made a pink pinwheel quilt for Sarika's niece. They were living there and I knew it's nickname "The Windy City". I found out later it got that name because the city leaders were boasting before the World Exhibition.
Experimenting with triangles

And colors

This quilt went to The Windy City.

 My first Blue Tarp Roof block

Half way there! Thank God for my design wall, put up on the back of  two bookshelves.

Finished in time. 

Patched backing.

Just a couple of the houses, I used a lot of scrap fabrics.

Had fun with flowers in the windows.

This quilt is very recent, made for a friend's baby shower in September 2015. Lola Phillips has arrived just ten days ago.

The baby I made this for is not due until November. We know it's going to be a girl; she will be Sophia's baby cousin.

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