Monday, October 19, 2015

Quilts of All sizes

More Quilts - all sizes, all purposes.
I have made a few small quilts. I won't dare call them art quilts. But at first I was bold enough to enter an "art quilt" into a quilt show.  Apart from the border, the judge game me high scores; that was encouraging. I had copied pictures from my childhood, flower fairies, and I gave it a modern twist with a huge Marimekko flower. 

I tried my hand on 'using found objects' on a tiny hand quilted fall quilt. The quilt I eventually named "Fall" was one with Isaac Newton watching the apple - in this case a button - fall from the famous apple tree. ( I can't help inserting a picture of the real apple tree, which we saw this summer,when visiting Newton's home) 

Making that tree got me started making pictures - not quilts - using silk screening. I must admit that it has kept me away from quilting for some years. I have had several exhibitions of these pictures and sold many. I also experimented with marbling on fabric and made a quilt with the marbled fabric. 


My first "Fall" quilt.

The tree is silk screened

The  apple tree in the orchard at Newton's home in England. 

A collection of my pictures all done after I first discovered screen printing.

I won a bunch of BOM stars made by the guild members. I put them together in a quilt top and Lena Colley quilted it. Then it made its way to Birmingham's sister city Hitachi in Japan. I wonder how they managed to translate the title. The dark spots of the backing fabric reminded me of watermelon seeds.

Twin among kings; size is relative
The Birmingham Quilters Guild send five quilts to this huge quilt exhibition every year.

I discovered how to make marbled fabric. So much fun.

More quilts to come, when I make some more fabric for them.

For those, who visit Paducah for the quilt show, I hope this bread shop is still in business.

I have my own trademark. 

Happy Halloween  2007

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