Sunday, March 11, 2012

Quilters' Reply Girl

No, this is not U-tube and even if I'll show wavy lines, those are on a quilt.

But because the same pattern is posted on  I thought
I could make you look at that much lovelier quilt and compare.

I finally got my quilt finished and with it hanging out there on my deck with the redbud trees flowering
I guess all my troubles over that quilt have evaporated. Let's hope the quilt will carry that notion with it
to the person who receives it.  For it wasn't all fun!
Whoever stands up at Show and Tell and says "This was a fun quilt to make", either sewed all their seven daughters'  dresses  for years, or they read instructions VERY CAREFULLY, or  they have a warped sense of fun, two of which isn't me.
So when the instructions said: SEW ALL THE WHITE STRIPS TO THE BOTTOM OF THE WEDGES what did I do? - exactly that, but the previous line had told me to turn the wedges to face each other before doing it, which I did not.
 By the time I discovered my mistake and in addition had squared everything, I found I didn't have enough white on white to finish the quilt.
 So off on a shopping trip to Jasper with Mary which costs us both dearly. Next my sewing machine got hiccups and well as I said I FINALLY finished the quilt yesterday in time for the March meeting, when it has to be turned in.
 I'm so glad others have enjoyed making these waves more than I. I hope I don't make waves for the cuddle quilt committee, who spend hours cutting fabric and preparing these kits for us to take - all ready made.


  1. It looks fantastic! I'm glad you persevered.

  2. Gerda, You always make me smile with the way you look at life and challenges and finished quilts! Congratulations for persevering through sewing and ripping to make a beautiful quilt! I cross=stitched a saying for my mother one time that said, "God loves a cheerful ripper"! May your next project be easier and successful on the first try! cyndi