Thursday, March 29, 2012


I'm getting num with all the sales that clutter my e-mail. Yes, I know I can block them, but sometimes I do want a coupon from Jo-Ann's and others.
One sale entry I don't want to miss is from Britex. Not that I ever could afford any of their fabrics, but just to sit and dream is worth it.
We went to San Francisco last August and while my husband took a simulated stage coach ride at Wells Fargo Museum, I feasted my eyes on the many shelves of fabric at Britex Fabrics.
We had a fixed time when we going to meet up again, of course all to soon. I only got three photos.
But I get the e-mails and the blog and this week they even have a blurp about a quilt show in Washington state.
Well, maybe one day I'll buy a yard of wool felt or Italian silk from this fabulous store.

PS. I have added a photo of the ceiling at the San Francisco Mission, one day somebody will make a quilt with that pattern.

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