Saturday, December 3, 2011


TEN GREEN FIR TREES HANGING ON A BRANCH!  and if one green fir tree should...

.... Sing on!

Make yourself merry by using eyelets and grommets on your Christmas presents.
I did
I really love grommets. There is something elegant about that a brass enclosed opening.
So I made a  Christmas tree with 24 grommet holes. It was a bit of a challenge though, to
figure out how to fasten each present on the back, when its ribbon had been strung through the brass opening. So tree number two was done differently. One of the 24 presents was small a set tree decorations.
Feel free to copy; that is, if you have the snap tool or the grommet tool.
Visit Harbor Freight for a the grommets. They  also have gloves which are perfect for quilting.
With hundreds of small rubber dots.
And much much more to go on your list for Christmas.

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